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Welcome to Elkhereiji Group

The Elkhereiji Group is a group of companies   based in  Dammam,  the Eastern Province  of Saudi Arabia. The Elkhereiji Group began its journey during the early 1960's when  its founder Sheikh Abdul Karim Abdulaziz Elkhereiji organized and launched his own business, Elkhereiji Trading and Electronics.

Currently, The Elkhereiji Group has become one of the top business firms operating in the Eastern Province. The Elkhereiji Group has   diverse interest in trading, real estate, finance, industries, insurance and banking and has also made substantial investments in numerous economic arenas, including cement production, paper manufacturing, the chemical industry, food processing, and petrochemicals, among others.

The Elkhereiji Group consists of a number of   subsidiaries  including;

  • Elkhereiji Trading & Electronics (ETE) – Since 1978, this division of the group has gained accolades for its up-to-date handling of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and data communications. ETE offers a wide array of electrical products and services such as UPS, battery chargers, flywheels, and static switches among other equipment as well as an assortment of monitoring equipment from world-wide recognized manufacturers.  
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